Payroll Made Simple

Fully Managed Payroll and Umbrella company  Services, we have experience in delivering excellent payroll solutions to small to medium sized organisations and contractors,

Xpress Payroll UK are in a prime position to offer an effective, fully managed payroll solutions, from end-to-end, or a partially outsourced solution which would include a number of duties to support your own in house team. We are flexible with the application of our solutions to fulfil your individual requirements.

Whether you decide our Fully Managed Payroll solution, or our support services are most appropriate for your business, we will seamlessly integrate into your organisation and provide excellent levels of service, reducing your processing costs and administrative burden. We will also ensure that you remain legally complaint with ever changing legislation.

Our Payroll solution is simple, yet very effective, you maintain complete control and we do not take any actions without first getting your authorisation and approval.

Umbrella Company Services

Umbrella companies offer contractors the benefits of operating a limited company but without the administration and requirements. An umbrella company is best suited to contractors who require a quick and easy method of getting started and for those wanting a cost-effective , hassle-free solution for short-term contracts. If you are a contractor caught by IR35, an umbrella company will provide the tax benefits you are looking for. Many contractors find the process of getting their tax and payment in order stressful, confusing and time-consuming.

Xpress Payroll UK offer a range of Umbrella Company solutions designed to minimise paperwork headaches.